A heart for the west

Winsome is as much about what you feel as it is about what you see. By that, we mean the freedom you sense from land with room around you and gorgeous vistas, or a whole sky full of diamond-like stars at night. Because that feeling instills a responsibility for the preservation of that beauty and a desire to share it with those you’re closest to. We know that there is a connection and belonging that begins with that freedom. It extends through families and permeates like a groundswell through a whole community. You’ll never have to ask what we value here. You step out into it... on display every day.

Enjoying the outdoors

Here you can have a 4-car garage and a 2-colt corral.

Winsome is a place equally at home with various pursuits of happiness. You might, for instance, see a mountain bike rider wave to a horseback rider on the same trail, going in different directions. The freedom you’ll find here translates into living with passions you grew up loving, as well as new pursuits your heart yearns for.

You never have to remind yourself to take a deep breath.

From a long run or trail ride, to recounting the adventures of the day around a community open fire pit, the land has all been thoughtfully considered to provide a needed respite to the workaday world.

Our Community

There are a total of 146 residential lots on 766.7 acres. The lots are grouped by size: 2.5 acre and larger and 5-acre lots.

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The Developer's Profile

Proterra Properties, LLC is a locally owned and operated company with a focus in real estate investment, land and project development and property management. Our appreciation of, and consideration for, Black Forest comes naturally. We grew up coming here.