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Why have a Community Council instead of a Homeowner’s Association? For us, it’s a matter of priorities. We want a council that puts the community first when they’re making a decision. And, we believe what Will Rogers said is still true. That a group sharing observations and finding solutions—as opposed to arguing and venting frustration—is a better way to go.

Winsome Community Council

The Winsome Community Council will be formed as a title 32 Colorado Special District to provide the necessary infrastructure development at a more effective financing mechanism for the residents. In addition, the Council will be responsible for managing the protective covenants, the architectural review, maintaining the common areas and coordination with the state water engineer and other governmental bodies. The Winsome Community Council will provide perpetual community governance that will assure that the protective covenants and the community assets are maintained and that community values are enhanced.

Community governance will be performed by the Winsome Community Council, as a metropolitan district. Protective covenant enforcement will be provided by the Board/Council through an architectural review board. The protective covenants will be written to assure that the original structures and materials are of high quality, and that they will remain so. Outbuilding design, fencing design and construction, water conserving landscaping and other individual property uses will be included in the protective covenants.

Winsome Declaration Of Covenants,
Conditions And Restrictions

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Winsome Design Guidelines

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Winsome Metropolitan District