A heart for the west

Our covenant is a handshake between neighbors. We know we all won’t agree about everything, but we should be able to agree about a few things:

Keeping our kids safe

Keeping our trails well-maintained

Keeping our community beautiful


Water Conservation measures are built in. High water intensive irrigation is not only not required, it is specifically discouraged. Water conservation measures will be implemented in the homes through the building code and enhanced with new water saving devices.


A Dark Skies initiative will be maintained—requiring minimal outdoor lighting. Downcast lights are required on the exteriors of all buildings. No streetlights or personal streetlighting are in the plan. Outdoor lights are allowed as needed (just not left on after the chores are done). Holiday lighting is allowed, but is limited to time of year, time of day, and overall brightness.

Horse and chickens

All homesites will be 4H project friendly, allowing limited horses and cattle on 5 acre lots, and smaller animals on smaller lots. The covenants limit grazing, and require reseeding efforts and control of noxious weeds.


Native vegetation will be maintained as much as possible. Residents and builders are encouraged to transplant existing trees when they need to be moved. A native grass seed mix (Dry Land Pasture Mix) is recommended for use in reseeding areas, along with tips for planting the mix. The Metropolitan District is tasked with managing noxious weeds, both on the common areas and on individual lots.


Home design guidelines ensure that architecture, use of colors, and materials are all compatible with the surrounding nature. All guidelines will be considered with cost impact in mind.


All residents are required to maintain their properties pursuant to minimizing and mitigating potential wildfire concerns.

Natural home designs


Outbuildings are limited in size and number based on the size of the homesites. All outbuildings will be constructed to match and complement primary homes. Some material alterations may be considered based on animal protection and safety.


In-home business activities that don’t create additional traffic are allowed.


High-volume activities, barking dogs, and other noise nuisances will be thoughtfully considered and further addressed in the covenant.