There it was, there it is, the place where during the best time of our lives friendship had its home and happiness its headquarters.

—Wallace Stegner—
A heart for the west


The West has long been a source of dreams and a spark-fire for imagination. A picture of rugged adventure and outdoor connection—with sunrise backdrops of jaw-dropping scenery, or nighttime campfires under blankets of sparkling stars. The friendliness of the West is born of its confidence, the fairness of the West is a matter of mutual understanding, and the poetry of the West is wordless—because words can’t match its beauty. That West is what we have a heart for. The West that invites you to live with breathing room around you, with nature and animals in harmony, and with those you love all gathered in the place you love best.

Kid-friendly Community


143 Residential Lots on 766.7 acres

Community Description

Winsome will offer a refined, rural lifestyle. The community design consideration includes the conservation of open areas, trees, water, and native vegetation, as well as the preservation of dark skies. Home builders will construct custom and semi-custom homes, adhering to a thoughtful set of architectural design guidelines.

The proposed project contains 143 residential lots on 766.7 acres. Lot sizes will range from 2.5 to 10 acre and larger lots. Larger tracts will be offered on the northern end of the property to minimize impact on topography and vegetation.

The smaller lots called for in the development proposal create open tracts for common area trails and wildlife corridors.


ProTerra Properties, LLC

Proterra Properties, LLC is a locally owned and operated company with a focus in real estate investment, land and project developer and property management.